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            Some people say proof of man's predatory dominance as a species is not continuously evolving weapon systems but man's prehistoric mastery of the plants, minerals, and animals of his environment; humanity's innate awareness of nature, the elements, the spirit, of how they combine to make  life.  Awareness lost to the continuing war, famine and plague of ancient history. Awareness symbolized, ritualized, and retained as faith by a surviving prehistoric animistic belief system. Its disciples performed the birthing rite of the ‘ta shen ling‘, the 'she demon', Po Lyn Lee. She is the ‘Mi Chu’, the ‘secret death’.
Po Lyn Lee; "Ophelia House"
When Grandmother, majesty of a secret sisterhood, sends Po, her trained she demon, a message to assassinate the president of the United States, Po’s incidental romantic encounter with an artist leads Po to question Grandmother’s messages and reject her conditioned demonic behavior. Po, a cannibal, realizing she is a demon, struggles with self-awareness, self-discovery, and humanity amidst the glamour, intrigue, espionage and morality of the global elite. Written by Carlton L. Sampson and llustrated by Andrew L. Willis, Po Lyn Lee; Ophelia House, is a 574-page, full color, graphic novel published as 12 single chapter issue comic books and as a volume, available online at amazon.com.
  Po Lyn Lee; "Ophelia House"       Po Lyn Lee; "Ophelia House," available as a volume and as 12  issues.
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" The S.I.C. Job THE S.I.C. JOB - Freed from its cage to her job as an extraordinary assassin, Po receives a message from grandmother, the matriarch of a prehistoric secret cult. As instructed by grandmother’s message Po must use some of her special talents as an assassin for the first time. A little girl bears witness to the "Mi Chu" performing its job but cannot remember or tell what she has seen. It is a private introduction, at a private party when the Board of the Seattle Investment Cartel first meet's the "Mi Chu." " The Second Confederacy THE SECOND CONFEDERACY - After successfully completing the S.I.C. job, Po returns to Philadelphia anticipating punishment from Grandmother. In memorial to the S.I.C. Firecracker and the Second Confederacy move to execute their plan to destroy the Space Solar Power rectenna array in Baton Rouge. As Pang’s clock ticks down, Po receives another message." " Lady Liberty LADY LIBERTY - Firecracker returns home with blood on her hands, to tell the President more than she learns about Curtis family ties. The East Asian Investment Cartel board’s game is exposed when Lady Liberty finds out the E.A.I.C. is in bed with the Second Confederacy. An innocent little girl is tied to the beginning of a sinister plot." " First Friday FIRST FRIDAY - Paul Stewart’s local art critics return to show there true appreciation of Paul Stewart’s art. Po and Mary-Anne Curtis clash at Paul Stewart’s art opening over men and the meaning of art. The ‘Mi Chu’ is seen taking tea with an artist forcing Paul Stewart to see things eye to eye with Po."
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" Ophelia House OPHEILA HOUSE - Martha Randolph Curtis The Second, aka Mary-Anne Curtis, maybe more than any one man can handle, but still someone pops the question. ISLE is put on the table when the French catch the president in a compromising position. It is candles for Helena as the clock ticks down for Lady Liberty’s date with destiny." " Assassins ASSASSINS - From Bird’s-eye’s point of view, William Randolph Curtis the Fourth and Mi Quo reflect on the presidency, Crimson Lotus, and Mother Pi Lyn. The "Ta Shen Leng" is seen; caught in the act, when another little girl bears witness to the "Mi Chu” performing its job. Po learns there is more to touchng, then what is held in the cards for assassins." " Shadow of the Hive SHADOW OF THE HIVE - It is the morning after. Mary-Anne Curtis arives early towed by Martha Randolph Curtis the Second’s entourage to catch Po colorfully unveiled and napping in the nude. Paul Stewart learns one of life’s biggest lessons and realizes he is too late for Brewster Andrew’s art class." " Lunch at Langley's LUNCH AT LANGLEY'S - It is Barbara Langley’s afternoon mixer. Much to William Randolph Curtis the fifth’s surprise, An E.A.I.C. operative tells Liz how the Crimson Lotus ties to the Curtis family, Mother Pi Lyn, and Sweet Old Jo. Truth is on the menu, but Mum finds Mi Quo’s order hard to read. It is smooth sailing and a burning desire for Po’s dreamboat Mr. Paul when Ali Kahn does what is right for the Ta Shen Leng."
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" Private Wedding PRIVATE WEDDING - Someone comes with a message and it is clear the Crimson Lotus does not see things from Quan Lo’s point of view. Mi Quo finally gets an audience with Martha Randolph Curtis the Second but is upstaged by the president’s arrival. In the full moon light Mum insist there is more to Po than meets the eye." " Siryn Sisters SIRYN SISTERS - It is a ritual dance for Po and Mary-Anne. Ceremoniously Gail Palmer and Andrew Curtis take their vows, a bond to forever return. The E.A.I.C. board weighs its options and votes to take Helena’s birthday gift the day after. Some bands refrain from playing the line in Lady Liberty’s song, “There is a piece of cake for everyone and a piece for the world.” " " Crimson Blossoms CRIMSON BLOSSOMS - The birthday party is over but it is a no holds barred sleepover when Po finds out Marry-Anne just will not listen. Mi Quo’s tell tale myth is a Sin Po Academy ghost story but, only a dream in Cinderella’s eye. A broken promise leaves a woman in tears and Sin Pang up in the air stretched out by a string " " No Worries NO WORRIES - Destiny is at the door but Liz is just now dressing for their date. She will be late and Helena worries about what Lady Liberty takes to the ball game. Grandmother has front row seats to everything but the E.A.I.C. Board is in the dark with the Mi Chu. Martha Randolph Curtis the Second and the Ta Shen Ling are in the mix but Mary-Anne decides Mr. Ron hand gloves clash with everything. Mi Quo takes an E.A.I.C. charted flight to slide safely home to Hong Kong. "
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