Po Lyn Lee "Ophelia House"      
  Created &  Authored by Carlton L. Sampson, Illustrated by Andrew Willis      
Carlton L. Sampson
Carlton L. Sampson is a poet and graphic novel author. In 1988, under the label Eye-to-Eye, Carlton L. Sampson (author) and Chris Robinson (illustrator) released 250 copies of Phascist Clowns on the streets of Philadelphia free. Written in 1982, Phascist Clowns is a 28-page black and white politically themed comic book warning of terrorized world we live today.

Andrew Willis
Andrew Willis aka “Na-ki-wa oo-ba-ke”, is a multi-talented artist whose portfolio consists of diverse projects and whose work ranges from graphic design, body art, painting, sculpture, illustration, 3D-model casting, hip-hop music, comic book, and graphic novel self-publication. His self-publishing comic book label, Newborn Comics, released the Bounty-X “Minddar” 10 part series. Bounty-X “Minddar” is a journal of personal experiences as an African American in comic book format, which blurs the separation of the cognitive creative process and the “real world”.

In 2010, Carlton Sampson teamed up with Andrew Willis aka “Na-ki-wa oo-ba-ke”, to form the creative team “Palanquin “ to produce and have completed Po Lyn Lee “Ophelia House” in 2017. Po Lyn Lee, "Ophelia House", is a speculative fiction horror fantasy about Po, a she demon conditioned as an assassin, controlled by messages from Grandmother, majesty of a surviving prehistoric secret sisterhood. When Grandmother, at the behest of an international cooperate cartel, sends Po a message to assassinate the president of the United States to stop a Federal program from equitably distributing wealth, Po’s job becomes self-discovery amidst global elite. Po Lyn Lee "Ophelia House," is available in a 12-issue volume or 12 individual issues.
  Po Lyn Lee “Ophelia House"                
  Created & Authored by Carlton L. Sampson, Illustrated by Andrew Willis                
  Publication Date: May 17, 2017        
  ISBN/SKU: 9780997114034        
  Book Type: US Trade PaperStandard Color 7 x 10 in or 254 x 178 mm Case Laminate on Standard 70 White w/Gloss Lam        
  Page Count:   574        
  Language: English        
  Related Categories:es: Fiction / Horror Fantasy